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As retirement approaches, you may worry about how to protect yourself from outliving your savings. Annuities may sound mysterious, but our products are simple and straightforward. An annuity is a financial product for people who wish to make sure that they are going to have enough money to last them for the rest of their lives, offer reliable returns on tax-deferred funds and are typically used as an alternative to a Certificate of Deposit (CD). These financial instruments that guarantee a paycheck for life remains the most appealing form of retirement safety today. Many annuities offer options to help protect your money from losing value, which means you’ll be more likely to maintain the lifestyle you’ve worked for. With reliable rates and no sales charges or fees, a KSKJ Life Annuity may be just what you need to secure your savings.


KSKJ Life Offers 2 Types of Fixed Annuities

  • Tax Deferred Annuity

    A deferred annuity will delay payments until you choose to receive them, which would typically be once you actually retire. Owners do not pay taxes during the accumulation phase. Taxes apply once the distribution phase begins and the owner starts to receive payments.

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  • Immediate Annuity

    An immediate annuity is best for those already in or close to retirement because they offer guaranteed income for life or a set period of time. This kind of annuity is designed to start paying a guaranteed income starting immediately. It differs from a deferred annuity, which begins payments at a future date chosen by the annuity owner.

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Annuities 101

Consider an annuity if you’re looking for:

– A way to preserve your retirement savings and reduce the risk of outliving your assets

– Tax-deferred growth potential for your money

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Do You Have Enough for Retirement?

Are you saving enough for retirement? We can help you plan for your perfect retirement. Use this checklist to see how your saving plan stacks up.

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