Annuities 101: Your Guide to the Basics

Annuities 101

Protect your future, maximize your savings, enjoy retirement.

Is an annuity right for you?

Here’s why it might be…..

– You’re concerned about outliving your retirement savings

– You’ve maxed out your contributions to your other retirement plans (like a 401K or IRA)

– You need guaranteed income for life

– You want a product that offers different payout options

– You want to be able to provide for your loved ones after you die

A KSKJ Life annuity can provide all the above and more!

Have you saved enough for retirement?

Take a look at our Retirement Checklist to see if you’ve saved enough for retirement. We’re here to help!


Build Your Own Pension with Annuities

A contribution can be paid in a lump sum or in installments.
When you’re ready, receive income regularly over a specified period of time or until the annuitant dies.

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