KSKJ Life Continues Making a Difference

KSKJ Life remains true to its rich heritage and core values. We continue to advocate for members, their families and the communities we serve.

130th Anniversary

KSKJ Life 130th anniversary logo

In 2024, we celebrate 130 years of providing financial security to our members and their families through our life insurance and annuity products, and to making a difference by reinvesting back into our communities.

Our New Office Location

KSKJ's new office at Glenwood Plaza

In 2017 we added a new building at 2435 Glenwood Ave. to our home office in Joliet, IL.

Construction of the Current Home Office in Joliet, IL.

KSKJ home office

In 1980, KSKJ Life broke ground and moved operations to our current headquarters in Joliet, IL. Today, our headquarters serves as the home office for our lodges.

First KSKJ Life Home Office Built

members of KSKJ outside of home office of Grand Carniolian Slovenian Catholic Union

By 1909, KSKJ Life had grown from its 333 original members to over 10,000. Operations began to accelerate and the organization began to expand. The first official headquarters were established in Downtown Joliet, IL and the KSKJ Life story began to further materialize.

The formal union, KSKJ, was officially formed

KSKJ symbol, founded in 1894

KSKJ Life was born out of the Industrial Revolution as our ancestors pursued the American Dream. KSKJ Life was originally created to protect the families of Slovenian immigrants who predominantly worked in dangerous steel mills. KSKJ Life offered security for families at a time when life insurance and financial products weren’t easily accessible.