Join Us for Our 5th Year and Support
the American Lung Association!

Stepping Up 2024 is a virtual event that allows you to participate from anywhere, making it easy to get involved and support a worthy cause. Whether you choose to walk or run, alone or with friends and family, every step you take helps raise awareness and funds for lung health.

Why Participate?
Lung disease is a serious health issue affecting millions of people worldwide. By participating in Stepping Up 2024, you are contributing to vital research, education, and advocacy efforts that make a real difference in the fight against lung disease. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to get active, connect with others, and celebrate our vibrant community.

Support the Cause:
All proceeds from Stepping Up 2024 will go to the American Lung Association. Your participation not only helps raise awareness but also funds critical programs and research initiatives that can save lives. Together, we can move for healthier lungs, support an important cause, and celebrate our community’s spirit and dedication.

Registration is open from July 1 to July 31, 2024. 

We are excited to offer a variety of registration packages for Stepping Up 2024, ensuring there’s an option for everyone! This year, we have some fantastic new choices to help you show your support for the American Lung Association and KSKJ Life.

Registration Packages:

  • Standard Package: $30
  • Premium Package: $60
  • Bundle Package: $80
  • Super Bundle Package: $100

Ready to step up? Register now and start preparing for an inspiring event week from September 7-14, 2024. Let’s lace up, step out, and make a difference together!