Spring Cleaning for Your Policies

Spring Cleaning for Your Policies

April 6, 2023

As you’re tackling dust bunnies and cluttered closets in your spring cleaning, don’t forget about your life insurance policies.  They may need to be dusted off and refreshed too.  Reviewing your life insurance at least annually allows you to organize your financial plan and help ensure your coverage still suits your needs. Here are a few questions to think of when “spring cleaning” your policies:

Where is your policy located?

It’s important to know where your original, physical policy is, and it’s a good idea to communicate that information to family members.  If you are unable to find your original policy, you can request a duplicate copy.

What is the benefit amount of your policy?

Is the current death benefit adequate to cover the financial needs that will continue after your death?  If you’ve recently married, had children or are nearing retirement, you may want to consider adjusting your coverage amount.

Who are the beneficiaries listed on your policy?

Your primary beneficiaries may need to change over time – for example, if they pass on before you or you get married / divorced.  Updating beneficiary information is easy to do and can help ensure that your loved ones are prepared for any unexpected circumstances.

Both spring cleaning and reviewing your life insurance involve clearing out the old, organizing and decluttering, and preparing for the future.  Both actions are essential for helping to ensure that your life and financial plans are in order and that you are prepared for whatever comes your way.

Don’t have any policies to “spring clean?”  KSKJ Life has a range of options that can help you plan for the road ahead. Whether you’re looking for lifelong coverage with whole life insurance or coverage for a set period of time with term life insurance, we can help!

By contacting us, you may be offered information by an agent about purchasing life insurance or annuity products. 

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