Protect Your Family for the Long-Term

Protect Your Family for the Long-Term

June 12, 2017

We all know life can throw us curveballs. So what’s the best way to prepare for them when tragedy strikes? By investing now for a lifetime of coverage.

Whole life insurance—sometimes called permanent life insurance—covers the policyholder for his or her entire life. This type of life insurance is ideal for someone looking for stable, lifelong coverage with guaranteed cash-values and death benefits. Unlike term life insurance, the policy premiums for whole life remains constant throughout the payment period and acquires value over time, which will provide additional support for you and your family.

Often times, people shy away from purchasing a life insurance plan due to high premiums or pricey plan options. But imagine if securing lifelong coverage for you and your loved ones was as easy as paying your monthly phone bill. At KSKJ Life, we offer a variety of affordable whole life insurance policies to provide peace of mind to our members and their generations to come. Let’s explore a few of these whole life insurance options:

Whole Life Single Premium
With one single payment, this version of whole life insurance provides the same life-long coverage for the policyholder as well as the guaranteed cash values and death benefits as other KSKJ Life whole life plans. However, it does not require monthly or yearly payments so you and your family can focus on other priorities.

10-Pay Life Insurance
Not ready to make a large investment but want to be proactive about protecting your family?  Consider our 10-Pay whole life coverage, which provides the same lifelong security and benefits as all of our whole life plans but allows the policyholder to be paid-in-full within 10 years.

20-Pay Life Insurance
Need more time? No problem. In addition to the 10-year payment option, we also provide a 20-year payment plan. This plan includes fixed premiums, guaranteed cash values and death benefits.

Regardless of which plan best fits your family’s needs, whole life insurance is an important asset to protecting you and your family for the long term.

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