Planning is Everything

Planning is Everything

November 29, 2022

Lessons in retirement and spoiling from Grandpa George and Grandma Grace

Grandpa George and Grandma Grace worked hard to create the happy, fulfilled life they currently have. They raised three children and from the start, they both knew the importance of looking ahead and preparing for the future and all of life’s what-ifs. Both knew that one day retirement would come and by that time, they would hopefully have a houseful of beautiful grandchildren to spend time with and spoil. Through the years, as their own children grew, they secured life insurance with KSKJ Life to protect their family in case of any unforeseen circumstances. At the same time, George and Grace also planned for and set up a retirement savings to help safeguard their financial future.

Fast forward to today, Grandpa and Grandma were indeed blessed with ten grandchildren whom they both love to spoil like crazy! Grandma Grace retired 5 years ago and enjoys her free time with her grandkids every chance she gets. Grandpa George is finally set to retire in the next month. He is excitedly looking forward to it especially with the holidays fast approaching. Now he will have all the free time he wants and can be fully present for all the festive outings and gatherings of the season and beyond.

But, with the uncertainty of the current market, he is also very concerned he won’t be able to continue to spoil his family like he’s been doing for all these years. Treating his wife, kids and grandkids brings Grandpa George joy and there is no better time than the holidays to spoil! His biggest concern is making sure that won’t be hampered. With retirement around the corner and the holidays too, Grandpa knows he needs to act fast. He already has a KSKJ Life whole life insurance policy that has provided protection for his family.

He soon realized he could get the extra peace of mind he’s looking for in a KSKJ Life annuity. With numerous deferred plans available, a good choice might be a KSKJ Life 3-Year Choice Annuity. This option offers a one-time premium payment, making it a quick, simple, and easy choice. The shorter term allows George access to his funds sooner.  It will provide the stability to complement his retirement portfolio – exactly the extra certainty Grandpa George was searching for!

Now Grandpa George can retire in contentment, celebrate the holidays, and soak up family time knowing he will not be sacrificing his lifestyle – nor any of that spoiling he and Grandma Grace love so much!

Lesson learned: Plans are nothing; planning is everything! To add an extra layer to a sound retirement, check into a KSKJ Life 3-Year Choice Annuity, or one of the many other products offered, HERE.

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