Giving Back

KSKJ Life has been giving back to communities throughout the U.S. since 1894.


Introducing the Small Steps, Big Impact Giving Back Program by KSKJ Life. Now it is even easier for all eligible members to make an impact within their communities. By encouraging individual or community-based initiatives, we hope to make a positive difference and promote a shared commitment towards a common goal. 

Eligibility and Program Guidelines:

1. Eligibility: All KSKJ Life members in good standing can participate. Only 1 event, per member, per year will be approved.

2. Volunteer Activity: Engage in an individual or community-based volunteer activity with a minimum of three participants, including family or friends.

3. Charitable Partner: Choose a charity that aligns with your personal values and interests.  Chosen charity must be registered as a 501(c)(3) organization.

4. Event requests must be submitted a minimum of 60 days prior to the event date.

5. “Starts With You” Kit: Once application is approved, KSKJ Life will mail a kit with instructions, flyers, and three t-shirts to promote unity and visibility.

6. Social Media Engagement: Share your volunteer experiences on social media, making posts public and tagging @KSKJ Life.

7. Fill out the Community Impact Form: Submit photos and documentation for your volunteer events.

8. Donation Process: KSKJ Life will make a $100 donation to the chosen charity once all requirements, including photo submissions and social media tagging, are met.

Ideas for Giving Back Events:

-Clean up a local park or highway
-Volunteer at a nursing home
-Participate in a food drive
-Team up with an organization to help with their fundraiser

Starts with YOU Kit:

-Instructions for your event.
-T-shirts to wear at your event.
-Flyers to learn about and promote KSKJ Life.

Questions or comments? Please email

Through the Small Steps, Big Impact Giving Back Program, KSKJ Life empowers its members to create a tangible difference in their communities. Join us in fostering a culture of compassion and community engagement!

Terms and Conditions:  All participants must adhere to the guidelines outlined in the “Starts With You” kit, including the use of the provided t-shirts and proper documentation of the volunteer event. Volunteer service should be consistent with good citizenship and support important charitable goals of KSKJ Life such as fostering education, preserving the environment, and promoting health and human services. KSKJ Life reserves the right to deny funding to any organization which is not consistent with KSKJ Life’s purpose and mission. Terms and conditions for this program are based on funds availability and are subject to change at any time.  A maximum of 50 applications will be granted for the year 2024. KSKJ Life may share your story and images on promotional materials, such as annual reports, newsletters, social media, website, etc.