Meet Sarah and William

Meet Sarah and William

June 12, 2024

Remember William?

He’s our wise and caring patriarch who secured his own life insurance coverage with KSKJ Life’s Precision Plan*.

Well, his journey doesn’t end there. William’s commitment continues as he takes proactive steps to ensure protection for generations to come – his young grandchildren. William knows that just as he’s safeguarded his own future, he must do the same for his grandchildren. With Precision Plan, William is able to apply for coverage for his grandkids just as easily as he did for himself.

He also has the opportunity to add a special feature to his grandchildren’s policies – the Guaranteed Insurability Option Rider**. This powerful addition allows William to secure coverage for his grandchildren now, ensuring their future insurability regardless of any changes in health or circumstances.

Riders Available with KSKJ Life’s Precision Plan

A rider is an optional coverage or feature that you can add to your life insurance policy (often for an additional cost).  Riders can help cover life events that your standard policy might not.
KSKJ Life offers 3 riders for its Precision Plan whole life product:

-Waiver of Premium (to age 65): This rider provides a monthly disability benefit that is credited as a premium to the policy if the insured becomes totally disabled for at least six consecutive months.

-Accidental Death (to age 70): This rider pays out an extra sum of money if the insured dies in an accident (an amount that is the same as the base policy face amount).

-Guaranteed Insurability Option (to age 40): This rider allows the insured to purchase additional insurance on certain option dates without proof of insurability**.

 **Maximum face amount equal to base amount that is on original policy, but not greater than $25,000. Not all riders and issue ages available on all pay options of the Precision Plan.

Remember Sarah?

She’s our adventurous trailblazer who was looking for the perfect life insurance plan without the hassle – and she found it in KSKJ Life’s Precision Plan*.

Well are you ready to follow in Sarah’s footsteps and unlock the secrets to securing your future with KSKJ Life’s new Precision Plan? Let’s dive in and explore how she can guide us through the advantages of getting life insurance at a younger age and adapting coverage as we grow older.

Advantages of Getting Life Insurance When You’re Younger

Financial Security: Take a page from Sarah’s book and lock in lower premiums by getting life insurance at a younger age. By starting early, Sarah secured coverage* easily and quickly with KSKJ Life’s Precision Plan when she was in prime health, providing financial security while she embarks on exciting adventures and future plans.

Long-Term Savings Potential: Like Sarah, who views life insurance as a valuable long-term asset, you can maximize the potential growth of your policy’s cash value by starting early. Imagine the possibilities of having a robust savings tool to support your future goals and aspirations.

Adapting Your Coverage as You Grow Older

Reevaluating Coverage Amount: Just as Sarah adjusts her gear for different terrains, it’s essential to reassess your coverage amount as you progress through life’s journey. By regularly reviewing your policy, you can help ensure it aligns with your current financial obligations and future aspirations.

Supplementing Coverage: As Sarah continues her adventures and embraces new challenges, she knows the importance of supplementing her coverage to match her evolving needs. Whether it’s adding additional policies or enhancing her existing coverage, Sarah takes proactive steps to protect herself and her loved ones every step of the way.

By following Sarah’s lead and understanding the advantages of getting life insurance when you’re younger and adapting your coverage as you grow older, you can embark on your own journey to financial security and peace of mind.

*Applying for our Precision Plan does not guarantee automatic coverage. Each application is reviewed and assessed based on various factors. Approval is subject to eligibility criteria, and decisions will be made at the discretion of the underwriting. We reserve the right to decline applications that do not meet our requirements or standards. The Precision Plan is KSKJ Life’s whole life insurance product. Policy Forms: ICC17 SPWL 11-16, ICC17WL 11-16, SPWL CA 11-16, SPWL (CT) 11-16 Not all riders and issue ages available on all pay options. **Maximum face amounts and issue ages exist on the Guaranteed Insurability Option Rider. By contacting us, you may be offered information by an agent about purchasing insurance or annuity products. 

Embark on your own journey to financial security and peace of mind. Contact your agent or the KSKJ Life Home Office!