Determining Gaps in Your Coverage

Determining Gaps in Your Coverage

May 21, 2021

Determining Gaps in Your Coverage

Watch for the Gaps
Often times, people assume the bare minimum of coverage is enough to shield them from life’s unexpected curveballs. In extreme cases, some people avoid life insurance coverage altogether because they are afraid of making the wrong choice or being unable to afford sufficient coverage. In either scenario, this leaves people underprepared and vulnerable in the event of a life crisis. According to LIMRA’s 2021 Insurance Barometer Study, 59% of uninsured consumers say they need life insurance coverage, while 22% of underinsured consumers believe they need more life insurance coverage. The percentage of participants who said they have life insurance fell to 52%. Younger Americans are less likely to be insured but most likely to express interest in buying life insurance within the next year. If you’re unsure of what to look for in a life insurance plan, comparing other plan options, costs and benefits is a great place to start.

Determining Where Your Insurance Falls Short
Does your employer provide insurance? If so, what are the restrictions of this plan? In many cases, employers only supply a generic or inflexible plan for their employees, leaving employees with little control over how much coverage they receive. Also, the coverage is not portable—if you lose or leave your job, you lose the coverage. Find out if your current plan is consistent and if it sufficiently covers your specific needs. Simpler plans might be the right choice for young, single adults, but married adults, particularly those with children, may want to consider additional coverage to protect their loved ones. Whole life insurance does exactly as its name suggests: It protects you and your loved ones for your whole life, even after you are gone. By purchasing additional insurance under a personal plan, you can fill in these gaps and rest assured knowing that you’ve secured yourself and your loved ones.

Why to Get Whole Life
By becoming a part of the whole life program, you have the power to decide where you want the most coverage. Thankfully, we understand that life changes and your insurance coverage should be flexible, too. KSKJ Life offers a number of options for whatever stage of life you may be in. Our plans make it possible for you to retire comfortably and protect the current lifestyles of your loved ones.

Whole life insurance isn’t just something you purchase when you’re older. Although setting yourself up for retirement is important, the earlier you get insurance, the better. Whole life coverage at a younger age makes premiums more affordable, as both age and health are two major factors in determining cost. Life insurance provides security and peace of mind to all covered parties, no matter what circumstances there may be.

How To Choose
Choosing the right life insurance coverage plan for you and your family can be stressful. At KSKJ Life, we value the idea of happy and healthy living. Our community of members is rich in culture and in virtue, and the connections built through our community-focused organization create lifelong friendships. Our premier life insurance packages provide safety, protection, and comfort for a stress-free future. Life happens, but at KSKJ we give you the tools to live on purpose. Does your insurance plan have you covered?

How To Prepare
Get ready to take the next step. KSKJ Life has put members and their communities first since 1894. To get a head start on your future, reach out to your local KSKJ Life Agent or contact us below.

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