Exploring Local Gems

Exploring Local Gems: Your Ultimate Staycation Guide for This Summer       Summer is the perfect time to rediscover your local area and uncover the hidden gems you might have overlooked. A staycation not only saves money but also reduces the stress of travel, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing and fulfilling holiday right… Read more »

Meet Sarah and William

Remember William? He’s our wise and caring patriarch who secured his own life insurance coverage with KSKJ Life’s Precision Plan*. Well, his journey doesn’t end there. William’s commitment continues as he takes proactive steps to ensure protection for generations to come – his young grandchildren. William knows that just as he’s safeguarded his own future,… Read more »

Why Gen X Should Consider Annuities Before 65

Why Gen X Should Consider Annuities before 65 When you think about annuities, you might picture something for retirees sipping coffee and reading the morning paper. But, like parachute pants and mixtapes, annuities are making a comeback for the Gen X crowd. This guide will break down annuities, their benefits, and why they should be… Read more »

Unlocking The Secret: SPIAs

Unlocking the SPIA Secret: Your Key to Retirement Confidence! You’ve been savings for years and retirement might finally be getting closer! It can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. You may feel comfortable with the amount you have saved, but you’re also nervous about not having the guarantee of a steady paycheck… Read more »

Why Life Insurance Matters for Women

Guardians of Tomorrow: Why Life Insurance Matters for Women Life insurance helps play a pivotal role in providing women with the means to safeguard their financial futures.  It isn’t just about planning for the unexpected, but also about giving women the freedom to live their lives without financial worries.  Let’s explore how: Financial Protection for… Read more »

Making Your Tax Refund Count

Making Your Tax Refund Count:  Why a Purchase of Life Insurance Makes Sense   Tax season is in full swing, and for many of us, that means anxiously awaiting that coveted tax refund check. While it might be tempting to treat yourself to something special, consider using a portion of your refund for something that… Read more »

The Importance of Having a Will

The Importance of Having a Will: A Simple Guide In our journey through life, it’s easy to overlook certain essential tasks, and creating a will often falls into that category. Yet, having a will is a crucial step in securing your wishes and protecting your loved ones. Let’s explore why having a will is so… Read more »

 Secure Your Loved One’s Future

Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! While chocolates and flowers are classic gifts, why not consider something truly meaningful this year? How about giving your loved one the gift of life insurance? It may not be the most traditional present, but it’s a gesture that shows your commitment… Read more »

Freshen Up Your Finances This Spring

Spring Cleaning Your Finances: Declutter and Discover Annuities Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your home, but don’t stop at decluttering closets and scrubbing floors—take this opportunity to spruce up your finances too! Just like tidying up your living space, organizing your finances can bring clarity and peace of mind. Here’s how you can… Read more »

Your Financial Resolutions

As we embark on a new year, many of us set resolutions to improve our lives, and often, these aspirations revolve around our finances. While budgeting, saving, and investing are crucial components of financial well-being, it’s equally essential to consider protective measures that ensure a stable future. This is where life insurance and annuities come… Read more »